Meet Kara Elizabeth:

Kara Elizabeth is a professional artist, educator and consultant. Inspired by a Holistic and Transformative approach to Art Education, she uses Creative Expression as a tool for teaching Conscious Connections and Peaceful Practices. Kara Elizabeth is guided by the philosophy that creation is a form of meditation and a tool for transformation- making space between the noisy chatter of the mind and connecting us to the deeper and quieter parts of ourselves. She offers a variety of art programs that help relax the mind, nourish the soul and restore the spirit.

The Artist :

The artist is who I am… a painter, a creative, a dreamer. A constant receptacle of energy and inspiration and thoughts and ideas. I feel an urgency to create… a need to take it all apart- how I see it and understand it, then put it all back together with my hands. The artist guides the way I think, the way I feel, the way I see. It is why I often float away and daydream;  It is my deep reflection, contemplation, and introspection; it is my desperation to be free; It is how I cozy my nest and color my plate; It is my yearning to withdraw from the chaos of the world into the peaceful sanctuary of nature; It is my honor and respect for All Life; My desire to comfort the hurting and feed the hungry; My natural inclination to smile; It is the dedication to the growth of my spirit, my thoughts, my intentions….

The Teacher :

Years of developing my craft as an artist supports the foundation of who I am as a teacher, and the quality of work produced in my classroom. Creating of any kind is a subjective and vulnerable process so consideration must be given to the unique way in which each student interprets the subject, and how they offer that interpretation back out into the world.  I believe that there is a delicate balance between the black and white nature of formal components and the vast gray area of individual expression. Although the goal in a formal arts education is to grow mature sophisticated artists, I believe that the essence of creation is spiritual- a connection to self- and therefore should be founded in love, freedom and celebration. I have found in my own practice that appreciating the unique expression of children is essential to establishing trust, building confidence, and providing a safe space for the beauty of creation to unfold more organically.The development and refinement of fundamental skills occurs naturally, with guidance and practice, and therefore is an irrelevant area of concentration for my research or instruction. Rather, I am fascinated by the effect creation has on the individual as the creator, the emotions stirred during the process, the meditative “flow,” and how the arts can be used to teach the most important work of generations past and present: Healing and Transforming our journey to one of LOVE, PEACE, GRACE, AND KINDNESS for ourselves and each other.

The Mother :

I have one beautiful daughter, Tatiana. If I know what love is, it is because of her. She has softened my heart; given me a new set of lenses to view the world through. She teaches me patience, the importance of family, to play and laugh everyday. I teach her to be kind, and to walk with light, love, dignity, and grace. She is my reason to be better, to do better, to change, grow, and evolve. My approach is, “God, she is yours… guide me, so that I can guide her.” Then I close my eyes, cross my fingers, sing, dance, hop on one toe, and meditate with the universe- in hopes that the vulgar and shallow parts of the world not erode-over-time her sense of self, worth, purpose, or direction. As her mother, I am committed to raising a young woman of integrity and substance.

The Meditation :

More Kindness. More Love. More Light. More Peace.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my journey, purpose, and passion for healing, wholeness, and peace. I believe that our most important creation is our own life and in order to paint a picture of reality that is profoundly beautiful, we must commit ourselves to the sacred work of growth and expansion. To the light-workers, peace-makers and healers… Keep pointing to the light.  To the innovators, creatives and dreamers…Keep changing the world. Here’s to a movement of grace, healing and transformation. Here’s to a revolution of love and consciousness…