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During this workshop, you will explore the color spectrum of human experience in relationship to your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual identity. You will create a watercolor mandala, while also learning the secrets to Restoring the Sacred Self, Healing your Sacred Energy, and Balancing your Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.

CLASS #2- Awareness: Grounded in Peace

Restoring your relationship and your connection to peace is the first step to healing the rest of you… your heart, your mood, your decisions, your confidence. When we follow a journey of self-love, inspiration, and gratitude, we unlock the bound areas within ourselves for more life to rush in! During this workshop, you will create Photo Transfers, while connecting more deeply with your roots and honoring whatever it is that makes you most happy to be alive.

CLASS #3- Exploration: Create Kindness

The most powerful words in the universe are the ones you use to talk to yourself. Self-love nourishes the soul and is the essential ingredient to loving others. Let’s create and connect around intentional acts of kindness, while sharing practical tools for self-care. You have an infinite amount of love to give to yourself and to others, as Love is the very essence of your spirit. “Be kind to yourself. And then let your kindness flood the world!”

CLASS #4, Discovery: Empower Goodness

Join us for a fun, creative, and interactive workshop- Storytelling through collage! Create a visual suitcase-story using photos, images from magazines, decorative papers, multi-media accessories, and more. Listen and share stories; Make authentic connections; and Experience the beauty of radical empathy. When we share our stories, we empower other women to do more, see more, and be more.

CLASS #5- Acceptance: Love with Patience

Learn the art of creating your own Mala Necklace. Mala, a Sanskrit word for garland, is a set of beads traditionally worn and used for meditation. Malas are made of 108 beads and are intended to keep count of your affirmations (or mantra) by focusing your awareness and helping you stay mindful in the present moment. During this fun and inspiring workshop, you will learn how to create your own beautiful beaded mala while considering your intention for 2019.  Learn simple meditation techniques that you will be inspired to use in your daily practice, anytime and anywhere!

CLASS #6- Understanding: Speak with Gentleness

Learn the art and intention of prayer flags! Traditionally used to promote peace, strength, well-being, and wisdom, prayer flags are intended to spread goodwill and compassion by sending prayers out into the world. In this class, you will make seven individual flags, draw simple nature motifs, paint with watercolors, add personal affirmations, then string them together for hanging. This practice is intended to bring benefit to all by quietly harmonizing the environment, increasing happiness and love.

CLASS #7, Transformation: Act with Self Control

Learn how to arm-knit a soft over-sized chunky blanket- no knitting experience required! Discover the fun and simple step-by-step process of construction, from cast on to bind off. Bring your friends, gather ‘round the table, share wine and good conversation, all while creating something beautiful AND functional. Who doesn’t love to cuddle up under a giant cozy blanket?

CLASS #8, Mastery: Live Consciously

Learn to create an art journal full of motivation, inspiration, and simple wisdom. During this workshop, you will explore your inner landscape, while experimenting with art supplies, processes, and techniques. Guided by your own personal insight, you will create a journal with little reminders of peace, gratitude and grace. Once complete, use your journal for clarity and purpose, or to continue the journey. Take a moment to connect with the quieter parts of yourself, while creating a soul book for reflection and restoration.