(1)Parental Involvement

A.SKETCHBOOK: Regularity of practice is absolutely essential to good progress. Please set a definite period for practice, and encourage your child to do so. Inspiration can be drawn from just about anything. As your student learns about the Elements of Art (line, shape, form, texture, value, space, and color), they will begin to ‘see’ the elements all around them. Appropriate practice can be: a study from observation, recording notes and/or brainstorming thoughts and ideas, working with different media, or cutting and gluing inspiration from magazines or newspapers. I strongly encourage students to work in their sketchbooks at least 20 minutes each day.

B. ENCOURAGEMENT: Be aware that good practice habits are acquired over a period of years as a result of the student’s cooperation and consistent training. Encourage your child by letting him/her know that you enjoy looking at his/her artwork. If the parent seems uninterested, the child is less likely to be confident in their work and will not want to share it. It is both the parents’ and my role to give encouragement to the child and help him/her have pleasure and interest in seeing personal artistic growth and progress. Your attitude towards your child’s art and studies helps to mold his/her artistic likes and dislikes. Please encourage your child to do the best he/she can in all areas of visual art.

C. PREPAREDNESS: Please have your child check before leaving home that he/she has the proper materials for the lesson (portfolio, sketchbook, homework, artwork, media, etc.).

D. ATTENDING LESSONS: You may be asked to attend a lesson if the situation lends itself. There are several benefits of you attending a lesson: you observe progress first-hand, you personally learn about visual art, you understand exactly what I am teaching and requiring of your child, and you will be better informed in order to encourage proper practice at home.

E.MATERIALS AT HOME: It is important that the student has access to art materials at home. A sketchbook is the most important of these materials, as it should be used daily to log practice and record thoughts and interests.

F. COMMUNICATION: If problems arise concerning your child’s interests or progress, please discuss them with me immediately. I appreciate and value your concerns. Open communication between us is essential to a good art education for your child.

G. Goals: Goals are designed based on the preferences of the student/parent and should be discussed and organized with me prior to the first class session.


(2)Studio Items

A. INSTRUCTION: The goal is to develop a student’s ability to understand and appreciate art, as well as create it. Each student will be introduced to the following: Aesthetics, Criticism, History, and Production.

B. PORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT: Middle School and High School students have the option of creating a strong body of work for the development of a portfolio. This portfolio can be used to submit with applications for: Visual Arts placement at Weaver Academy, Art II placement a the High School level, or a Fine Arts placement at the college level. Emphasis will be placed on drawing from observation, using a variety of media and subject matter, understanding and working with the Elements of Art and Principles of Design. Students will become fluent in art vocabulary. They will also learn to problem solve and evaluate their work with confidence, and objectively critique the work of others.

C. ASSIGNMENTS: Occasionally, your child will have an assignment to bring to the next lesson. I will ask students to record this assignment in their sketchbooks. Please feel free to discuss the goals and assignments with me outside of the lesson.

D. EXPECTATIONS: Learning is difficult when there are distractions, so I expect each student to demonstrate maturity at all times. I ask that students be engaged and thoughtful with their approach. Please reinforce my expectations with your child at home.

E. PAYMENT: Packages are available for purchase and will be confirmed during your registration. This step is required before lessons can begin.