Art Lessons

-Private and Small Group Instruction-

Lessons in Sketching, Drawing, and Painting

– explore a variety of art materials such as graphite, watercolor, charcoal, pastels, acrylics, and oils –

 -How to Sign-Up for Art Lessons-

Step 1: Choose Your Lesson! 

1-  1 Hour Lesson   $60

3-  1 Hour Lessons $160

5-  1 Hour Lessons $250

10- 1 Hour Lessons $475

15- 1 Hour Lessons $700

20- 1 Hour Lessons $900


All supplies included.

*Formal- lessons focus on refining skill and technique. Emphasis is placed on the formal content of art education, including art elements and design principles, aesthetics, history, production, and criticism. The goal is to refine the eyes and the hands.

*Informal- lessons focus on imagination, creativity, and experimentation with art tools and materials. Emphasis is placed on freedom and choice. Students will explore and get messy while creating beautiful works of art!

*Portfolio Development- One-on-one instruction with regular consultation for feedback and critique. Develop and prepare a portfolio based on the audition requirements of your Magnet/High School. Ideally, we should begin working during the spring semester of 7th grade year to be prepared for the audition during the spring semester of 8th grade year. This program is flexible for anyone who wishes to build a portfolio, or gain more experience.

*Master Classes- These classes are for adult creatives who are interested in developing and/or strengthening their drawing/painting skills. “An expert can teach you more in one day than you will ever learn on your own in a year.” This program is designed to help you become more sophisticated in your craft.

Step 2: If applicable, read the Parent Information Sheet! I consider it a privilege to be in this aspect of your child’s life. Before we begin art lessons, I would like to share important information with you in order to ensure proper progress. Goals are designed around student interests and parent preferences. Goals should be discussed and organized with me prior to the first lesson.

Step 3: Check with me for availability, and Reserve your slot! After you confirm a day and time, complete the form to reserve your slot.

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