Kara Elizabeth: Professional Artist and Visual Arts Educator based in North Carolina.

Kara is a formally trained painter (est. 2007). Five years ago, she began experimenting with paper, applying her training to this new medium, “building” portraits in layers, rather than painting them. She was looking for a signature style that was authentic to the way that she interprets the world, through energy and vibration. Kara fell in love with both the process and the product and continues to refine her technique to create an aesthetic unique to her brand.

“Many years of developing my craft as a visual artist supports the foundation of who I am as a teacher, and the quality of work produced in my classroom. Creating of any kind is a subjective and vulnerable process so consideration must be given to the unique way in which each student interprets the subject, and how they offer that interpretation back out into the world.  There is a delicate balance between the black and white nature of formal components and the vast gray area of individual expression. Although the goal in a formal arts education is to grow mature sophisticated artists, it is important to recognize the essence of creation as spiritual [a connection to self-] and therefore should be founded in love, freedom and celebration. The development and refinement of fundamental skills evolves naturally with proper guidance and practice, and a sophistication of artistry will unfold over time. In my classroom, my instruction is differentiated, and my pedagogy is inspired by a Holistic and Transformative approach to Art Education.”

After fifteen years of teaching in various K-12 public, charter, and private schools, Kara left the classroom to pursue creative entrepreneurship. Kara is a professional artist, educator, and business owner based in North Carolina. Her work combines the art of visual expression with teachings of conscious awareness, peaceful practice, and creative flow.

Art classes for all ages and experience levels!

Seasonal art camps and clubs for kids online or in person in Greensboro, NC

Virtual Paint Parties, Birthday Parties, Special Events, Socials, Teambuilding

Learn drawing, painting, and collage with individual or small group lessons

Kara creates custom portraits in

her signature ripped paper method.

Decorate Your Home,

Beautify Your Life!

Custom portrait in ripped paper


An instructed journey to holistic healing and wellness for the mind, body, and spirit including living meditations, journal prompts, artistic expression, and peaceful practice.

Heal your wounds. Protect your peace. Raise your vibration.